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10-10-10 Healing Meditation

10-10-10 Healing Meditation

I will be conducting a very special Healing Meditation at 10:10 on 10/10/10 when the energies will be especially aligned for deep transformation.

Update: As so many people added their name to the list after my meditation I have scheduled another for 20/10/2010 so please add your name if you would like me to send healing then.

Nicola Quinn - Healing Meditation 10/10/10



Please join me in this meditation and send your name, or that of a loved one, that you would like me to send focused healing to.

With love, light and many blessings!



10/10/10 Healing Crystal Grid

10-10-10 Healing Grid


10-10-10 Healing Grid


Please send me (or a loved one) healing during your 10/10/10 Healing Meditation

Update: This list is now for the extra scheduled 20/10/2010 Healing Meditation.

Please be assured if your name was on the original list you need do nothing as you will be included in this next Meditation.


First name

Last name

Email address

Please note: In order to be included in my meditation you will need to enter a valid email address to make sure your name is physically added to the list I will use during my meditation. You will receive simple instructions and a link to find out the time it will be in your part of the world.

Posted Oct 8, 2010   
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