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Nicola's Health Blog
Nicola's Health Blog
  • Anxiety and Leaky Gut Anyone with anxiety knows how easy it is to get an upset stomach but did you know that other symptoms like joint pain, food allergies and low energy can be affected by your gut health too?
  • Anxiety and Diet: Is Your Food Making You More Anxious? Diet can have a huge effect on the way you are feeling. If you have days that seem worse for no apparent reason take a look at what you ate the day before. 
  • 106 Uses for Coconut Oil I've been having a great time with coconut oil recently. I had a jar sitting in my cupboard for ages and had read about how someone had put a spoon in their porridge (oatmeal) every morning and had started to regain a better memory...
  • 9 Common Indian Spices that Prevent Cancer When the opposition in question is an adamant disease like cancer, our armoury should be packed with a healthy lifestyle and a diet including foods that double as anti-cancer agents. Look no further than Indian spices to add incredible flavor to your food and prevent cancer. 


Anxiety and Hormones

I am not one to be consistent with using or taking anything so was quite pleased with myself a while ago when I conscientiously smeared on a blob of natural progesterone cream morning and evening.

After a week I started feeling very anxious and actually started dabbing more on as increased anxiety is in the ‘list of symptoms relieved’ for that product but things were spiraling upwards at an ever increasing and alarming rate so I stopped.

Posted Nov 24, 2009 2,037 Reads Learn More...

Menopause - Noticing Changes

Ok, so I was sitting at my desk about six months ago and a wave of warmth swept up me.

I thought, ooh, that’s nice, because I like to be warm and also thought, that’s interesting, now I come to think of it this has been happening for quite some time, wonder if it’s the menopause?

Posted Nov 24, 2009 2,088 Reads Learn More...
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