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EmoTrance with EmoTrance's Co-Developer, Nicola Quinn

Happy Birthday EmoTrance, Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday EmoTrance, Happy Birthday To You!

It's hard to believe that it's now 8 years since Silvia first said to me over the phone 'Where do you feel that in your body?'  and thus EmoTrance was born.

I feel so privileged to have co-created such a simple, elegant and natural way to alleviate emotional pain. It's another one of those things that is so obvious - Are you sure no one has thought of it before? (Answer - NO, it's unlike anything anyone has ever created).

Posted Jun 29, 2010 3,981 Reads Learn More...

Live EmoTrance Training Recordings Now Available!

Live EmoTrance Training Recordings Now Available!
EmoTrance is simply amazing, the easiest most effective energy healing technique on the planet today and I have had the privilege of co-developing this star of the therapy world with my good friend and colleague Dr. Silvia Hartmann.

With EmoTrance there is no more talking, needing to know what went wrong and when, all we need to know is WHERE IT HURTS and take it from there, swiftly and elegantly, to a state of Evenflow and on to joy and peace.

Posted Nov 25, 2009 3,425 Reads Learn More...

Why EmoTrance Is Simply The Best!

Quite simply EmoTrance is the easiest energy healing modality in the world today and that in my view makes it the best.

Once learned it is always there and because of its superb simplicity you can rely on it at a moment's notice. In fact the more you do it, the more spontaneously it occurs, you just become aware of energy moving through you.

Posted Nov 25, 2009 2,561 Reads Learn More...

Fact! Intention Moves Energy

I had a rather interesting experience last week which proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that intention moves energy instantly and in quantum time. Not that I really needed any but it is always nice to have physical verification of something as it was with the PIP scans at the Energy Conference last year.

Posted Nov 25, 2009 2,069 Reads Learn More...

Art Solutions - Healing Through Creativity

I remember reading Leslie Kenton's book about the menopause years ago and her saying that many women had found relief from their hot flushes (flashes) through painting or doing something creative. She said don't lie there in your bed thrashing in a pool of sweat, get up and paint something, write a poem, or put on some music and dance.

Yeah right I thought, what a wonderfully romantic idea, one that I couldn't see being translated into reality not with the exhaustion that sleepless nights cause. But, since Art Solutions I have experienced creativity as an enormous release and profoundly healing.

Posted Nov 24, 2009 1,782 Reads Learn More...

Tachyon-EmoTrance Self Healing Set

Tachyon - Powerful Self Healing when directed with EmoTranceUnique self healing system utilising Tachyon Zero Point Energy in conjunction with EmoTrance for self help, emergency work and deep field clearance when working without a practitioner.

Posted Jan 26, 2009 1,810 Reads Learn More...
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