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Happy Birthday EmoTrance, Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday EmoTrance, Happy Birthday To You!

It's hard to believe that it's now 8 years since Silvia first said to me over the phone 'Where do you feel that in your body?'  and thus EmoTrance was born.

I feel so privileged to have co-created such a simple, elegant and natural way to alleviate emotional pain. It's another one of those things that is so obvious - Are you sure no one has thought of it before? (Answer - NO, it's unlike anything anyone has ever created).

The moment I felt that first rush of energy and this intense pain being relieved we knew we had something the world so desperately needed.

Fast forward several years and we now have a growing network of EmoTrance Trainers and Practitioners spread across the world ready to assist those in emotional turmoil and pain.

The beautiful thing about EmoTrance is not just its simplicity, and it is, but the fact that it does not just alleviate emotional pain, it goes way beyond that. Unless you finish your EmoTrance session with a joyous, sparkling feeling, the energised end state, you really have not done EmoTrance at all!

EmoTrance is easy to learn, Silvia has been very strict in keeping the core instructions to a minimum to ensure a very clear crossover into any language.  There are EmoTrance practitioner trainings worldwide and EmoTrance practitioners based in major cities too though as it is effective over the telephone you don't really even need to live particularly close to one to benefit from its extraordinary effects.

You can also learn EmoTrance online as a distance training.*** The EmoTrance Distance Learning Course is written by Silvia Hartmann, the creator and tutored by me, the co-creator Smile

Happy Birthday EmoTrance! And may the next 8 years bring forth even more tales, case histories and marvellous stories of people's lives being changed for the better. It's time to end needless emotional suffering. It's not necessary, not any more, not now the world has EmoTrance.


***This is priceless information and I don't know how much longer I will be able to take the time to tutor this course personally. You have been warned, so if you are contemplating taking the EmoTrance distance learning course and would like to train with the co-creator of EmoTrance then please enrol without delay!

Posted Jun 29, 2010   
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