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Live EmoTrance Training Recordings Now Available!

Live EmoTrance Training Recordings Now Available!
EmoTrance is simply amazing, the easiest most effective energy healing technique on the planet today and I have had the privilege of co-developing this star of the therapy world with my good friend and colleague Dr. Silvia Hartmann.

With EmoTrance there is no more talking, needing to know what went wrong and when, all we need to know is WHERE IT HURTS and take it from there, swiftly and elegantly, to a state of Evenflow and on to joy and peace.

I had the pleasure recently of conducting an Experiential Day to precede the Practitioner Training taken by Silvia Hartmann at the Europa Hotel at Gatwick.It was an extraordinary day, great fun, with 88 people (my biggest audience yet!) and I am happy to say everyone went away having experienced the unique EmoTrance energised end state which has you tingling all over :)

You can now listen to the recordings of these live trainings and see for yourself how effective and simple EmoTrance really is.

Click here for more information and to instantly download an extraordinary two days of live information and exercises, including the manuals, with Silvia Hartmann and myself!

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