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Nicola's Health Blog
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Panic Attacks: How To Make The Claire Weekes' Method Work Using EFT

Panic Attacks: How To Make The Claire Weekes' Method Work Using EFT

Over 20 years ago, while in the depths of panic attack despair, I read Claire Weekes' Self Help For Your Nerves.

All she said made perfect sense. She explained what the symptoms were I was experiencing, why they were there and then gave four simple instructions how to get rid of them forever.

Face - Accept - Float - Let time pass

I knew if I could move through panic fearlessly I would at last be cured.The trouble was I was exhausted, confused, felt very weak and completely unable to carry out her instructions, even after listening to her tapes. This very practical, pragmatic Australian voice was telling me to get up out of my chair, go for a walk while shaking beyond belief and asking for more panic.

I was crushed. The more I tried the worse I felt. Every minute seems like an eternity when you are anxious. Every TV programme, conversation with someone normal, just reminds you how bad things really are.

The idea is sound. Not to add more stress to an already stressed system in order to allow healing which means not freaking out about the panic attacks, just letting them happen without adding second fear and eventually they will stop.

This all seemed impossible so I focused on meditation and arranged my life around my limitations, which, with a small child, was not easy.

Now, over 20 years later, I am happy to say, there is a brilliant way to follow those 4 important steps to freedom by moving through panic attacks effortlessly. And its name is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

EFT is a unique way of eliminating fear by tapping on the meridian points and quickly reduces the frightening physical sensations of panic attacks. EFT also changes the way you think about panic attacks and that is the secret, once the fear has gone you can welcome them and move through them easily. Your system then has no reason to continue pumping adrenaline, your nerves start to become desensitised and the world, once again, becomes a place of joy.

For a free report on how to use EFT to make the Claire Weekes' method of overcoming panic attacks work please enter your email address below.

Posted Dec 15, 2009 by Nicola Quinn   
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