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Prosperity Pendant

Prosperity Pendant

A unique, discreet Energy Charm filled with pure gold, Etherium Gold and a pinch of magic. This magic Prosperity Pendant transmits the vibrations of wealth to the universe, affirming your desire and your readiness to receive the abundance of the Universe which is your birthright.

According to the Law of Attraction you attract what you choose to focus your thoughts on, what you give your attention to, and what better way of keeping focused on wealth and good fortune than to wear pure gold close to your heart.

Wear this magic Prosperity Pendant, which is about one inch high, on your favourite fine chain, or cord, or even on a charm bracelet. And remember true wealth includes health and loving relationships as well as money!

Now also includes Tachyon Star Dust for extra power!

Magic Prosperity Pendant - £20.00

Prosperity Pendant

Posted Dec 12, 2011   
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