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Nicola's Health Blog
Nicola's Health Blog
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Quick DIY Allergy Cure

A couple of weeks ago I started feeling very nauseous with sick headaches, a very livery feeling I am all too familiar with from years back.

I noticed a few days in that wheat and coffee made me feel worse so cut them out and felt a lot better and have been avoiding them since which in itself has been quite fascinating and has made me rethink my eating habits and I have been making interesting things and baking spelt bread and blending loads of fresh fruit smoothies for meals.

But the last few days I have been very busy and not had the time to make such an effort so this morning while I was chopping up fruit for my breakfast I thought I should really deal with this, sort out the underlying stress that must have set this off but groaned at the thought of going through what it might be, the way I work, my relationships, I DON"T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!

So instead I set about using EFT and tapped for the feeling wheat gives me at the moment.

Even though eating wheat makes me feel sick...

And at the end of the round I felt a very discernible brightening and lightening of my whole energy system.

Then I got a little nervous, suppose it doesn't work, I can't risk testing it as I have so much to do today so tapped on that as well.

Even though I'm scared it won't work...

...which put the fear to rest so I had a small slice of bread and am still feeling ok an hour later.



P.S. Please note, I do not recommend anyone try this with a life threatening allergy.

Please be careful and consult a certified practitioner, preferably one experienced in allergies, and even then do not expose yourself to your particular allergen without medical supervision.

Originally posted to Anxiety Help With Nicola newsgroup

Posted Nov 25, 2009 by Nicola Quinn   
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