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Nicola's Health Blog
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Reiki: A Very Valuable and Practical Energy Therapy

Reiki: A Very Valuable and Practical Energy Therapy
Reiki as an every day, run of the mill, energy therapy may sound strange, especially with all the secrecy and fluff surrounding the initiations BUT energy is energy and I believe Reiki is just one part of, a frequency of, the Source energy so there’s no reason not to bring it into the ever bugeoning fold of remarkably effective energy therapies.

Reiki as an every day, run of the mill, energy therapy may sound strange, especially with all the secrecy and fluff around the initiations BUT energy is energy and I believe Reiki is just one part of, a frequency of, the Source energy so there’s no reason not to bring it into the fold.

We all have energy flowing from our hands through a fairly major chakra in each palm, all the Reiki attunement does is to widen that channel, speed the flow through, and teach people what to do with the energy to help themselves and others.

I know from personal experience that having someone stand in front of you and spin your chakras sharply can be very painful indeed so why shouldn’t a series of precise, gentle movements performed over someone’s energy system during an attunement serve to widen the crown chakra and allow more of what is already coming in anyway to be increased?

If you look back at Reiki’s roots and where it came from, the form of ceremony and method of teaching becomes understandable when seen in its Japanese context.

I don’t want to completely destroy the mystery and magic of Reiki, performing the attunements will always be special to me, a time to connect with another in a very sacred way but I do think it is time to put Reiki where it belongs, as a very valuable and practical energy therapy that anyone can do.

A nice thing I found after my first Reiki attunements was the feeling I got of Reiki flowing from my hands when I passed someone in the street that obviously needed help. I found that quite extraordinary and a lot of therapists I know feel it while they are treating people with another modality and are actually able to direct the Reiki to assist in the session and afterwards as well. Many use Reiki to stabilize a treatment or just simply smooth and calm the aura. Just this alone has helped reduce the apex effect in EFT and increased one therapist’s referrals substantially!

I noticed as well the other day while doing the MET Chakra Protocol that Reiki was assisting me at each hand position, which was very soothing. And when I am doing EmoTrance warm Reiki hands can greatly assist the softening and flowing of energy.

I didn’t realize until writing this how often I use Reiki every day. I bless my food with it, and all my parcels before sending them, I even Reiki’d my hamster’s water bottle this morning after filling it and I always Reiki hotel beds before getting in them too!

Reiki isn’t the only way. It’s one way. Another way for the practitioner to add to the ever increasing range of fabulous energy therapies around at this time. Everyone is different, and not everyone responds favourably to every therapy so having a good basic set of energy tools will pretty much guarantee success!

Reiki blessings to you!

Nicola Quinn
Reiki Master
Energy Therapies Trainer


Experience my uniquely created quantum distant attunements
and become a Reiki 1 Healer by this time next week!


Posted Nov 25, 2009 by Nicola Quinn   
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