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Solstice Healing Meditation

Solstice Healing Meditation

To mark Summer Solstice and to celebrate the third year of Living Energy Day, which promotes energy healing awareness, I will be conducting a healing meditation at 18:16 BST on Tuesday 21st June 2011.


If you, or someone you know, needs healing please enter your name and email in the form below and I will include you on my Solstice Healing Meditation list.

First name

Last name


E-mail address

You will receive an email will brief instructions and a guide to the time of the meditation where you are in the world.


Feedback from last year's 10:10 Healing Meditation


"Dear Nicola,


Thanks for the lovely healing for the ***** family, we all three tuned in at 20.10 and could feel the energy. I could feel hands healing

at the back of my neck and occiput, and also yawned a lot (clearing), whilst husband's hands got very warm.

With thanks and blessings,


VB United Kingdom"


"Thank you! I did feel the energy while looking at the my head and ears, particularly the left ear. It was very uplifting. I will continue to monitor any changes that take place. Love and Light! K"

"Dear Nicola

I must say It was strange how you sent out the healing for 10-10-10, I sent in my email address for healing because I have Fibromyalgia challenges, and guess what??? I felt  your presence  yesterday, I had  zero pain, I am so grateful I emailed you , I'm awaiting other changes to take place.

Thanks so much!!!!

L G"


"Dear Nicola,


Thank you very much for your Healing Meditation.


As in France we are an hour ahead of you, I had been meditating since 10.10 and felt in a very open and joyful state already, when 10.10 approached in England. At that time I put on the Gayatri Mantra which I was listening to during your Meditation.


All of a sudden I experienced a sort of joining with Swami Kryananda who sang and an inreased breathing, almost like a first experience of real breathing, very powerful.


Thank you for this work and I love the crystals! Beautiful! Powerful! Loving!


May love and light overshadow all shadows,




"hi there this time my nose tingled lovely and warm my headaches almost gone...kind regards l b"


Solstice Healing Meditation Grid








Posted Jun 17, 2011   
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