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Star Music - Messages From the Stars

Star Music - Messages From the Stars

I am very proud to report that my first album of Star Music is now available for instant download or to buy as a cd!

It was over two years ago that I had my first experience of hearing a tune while one night making a connection with Sirius. I have gone on to have many more intensely deep experiences and the music continues to flow with each encounter. There are many mysterious communications within each song and until very recently I was convinced they were solely for me.

It wasn't until I started letting friends hear the tracks that I was flabbergasted at the range of different experiences each was having and which I had just not imagined could have been triggered by my music, the music I had heard, and had deemed to be so personal.

So it seemed selfish to keep them to myself though it was with some trepidation I decided to release this very personal journey to the public. though I needn't have been so nervous, the feedback already has been tremendous! I cannot know what you will find in these songs though I can tell you it will be something you have been searching for for a long, long time if my friends experiences are anything to go by!

The songs are ideal for advanced energy work and Energy Dancing each track is an excellent way to process these high energies.

You can listen to one of the tracks here though because all the songs vary quite widely in their form it was impossible to choose one that was representative of them all. Even so, go and listen now to Orion and see what you think.



Listen to Orion from Star Music by Nicola Quinn

"The Star Music soundtracks are like mini classical masterpieces that resonate very deeply. They definitely have a timeless quality about them which isn't surprising, considering that they were inspired by the Stars!
They transform me at every listening.
Thank you, Nicola, for this wonderful gift.

Mary Hirose

"I experience Nicola's music as a Godsend, better than my best ever meditation and without the work; more comprehensive and natural. It stops me in my tracks, slows my chattering mind quickly and very gently. And I've never enjoyed seeing so much, and I'm a painter. I had no idea how fascinating and colorful my bookshelf is before I listened to "Orion". And her music is very alive and interesting. Writing is more fun and deeper now, and my jet lag is cured."

Nan Rathjen

Posted Mar 29, 2010   
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