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Nicola's Health Blog
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Sunrise - Music To Lift Depression

Sunrise - Music To Lift Depression

Nicola Quinn

In the still
you hear the echo
of past laughter,
the swell of
happy memories
lifts you as you
swoop through
valleys of tears
and rise
with new hope
to glimpse
the sun rise.

There's happy music. There's sad music. Then there's energy music.

Sunrise energy to lift the spirits and break free of depression.

1. Still

2. Echo

3. Swell

4. Swoop

5. Rise

6. Hope

7. Sunrise

Click to Buy NOW

(so it's there, ready when you need it...)


"In this powerful metaphor lies the solution to ending the dark night of depression."
Silvia Hartmann

"Somewhere in the world the sun is always rising and there is something so magic and primal about the sunrise; the essence of fire magic. It's so hypnotic and powerful, it seems to speak directly to the soul. When a part of you is connected to this wonderful pattern of nature it seems to restore your core to a state of even flow, restoring movement in the most lifeless of aspects.

While listening to 'Still' this evening the energy of many happy memories from my life came back to me and grew brighter and brighter. "
Will Taylor

"The second musical release from talented musician and author Nicola Quinn. Sunrise - Music to Lift Depression is a beautifully choreographed collection of instrumental music designed to awaken the spirit from its deep sleep and free it from its dark embrace into the light of the morning where it can thrive once again. With out a doubt, the graceful and inspiring melodies of this album can be listened to time and again to lift your spirit and let it sing."
Nikki Burdett



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