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Nicola's Health Blog
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Tachyon Law of Attraction Manifesting Kit

Tachyon Law of Attraction Manifesting Kit

Tachyon Energy is the Source Energy, the Energy That Creates Worlds, and you can harness this Energy to make the Law Of Attraction work in super-quick time to create an amazing reality,  a life full of health, wealth and happiness.

Tachyon Energy instantly aligns you with Source and when applied to the body raises your vibration and Point of Attraction so you can claim all that is already yours and be transformed into the person that your life has now caused you become.

You’ve watched the Law of Attraction videos, bought the books, tried all the techniques and still your life hasn’t changed. Do you ask yourself, what else do I need to do? What more does the Universe ask of me to get me out of this hole I am in?

Are you:

  • Afraid that you don’t have enough time to create what you want?
  • Scared there are too many obstacles to overcome in order to get what you want?
  • Worried you don’t have the discipline to think the right thoughts all the time?
  • Fearful that everyday interruptions and problems going on around you are putting you off track.
  • Frightened that all the bad thoughts you are having will slow down progress or worse, make something horrible happen because you now know they create your reality?
  • Frustrated that it is all taking way too long?

Well don’t panic, this is where Tachyon comes in. Firstly,

What is Tachyon Energy?

Tachyons are particles that move faster than the speed of light, something only recently witnessed by scientists at Cern though postulated by Feinberg as far back as 1966.

I have been using Tachyon Energy products since 1996 when I first discovered them looking for something to heal my daughter.

I noticed quickly how soon injuries healed, how much fresher my house felt and how much easier it was to meditate. At the time I was still writing out affirmations, as if the Universe wasn’t aware of just how much I wanted Soph to be healed and how distraught I was that she had been condemned to a life of relying on insulin to keep her alive!

I started seeing miracles in others I lent the Tachyon Cells to. I had a Reiki practise at the time and because I had trouble getting the Energy Cells back I began to sell them to my clients. They reported it was like having my hands gently on them all day long and recovery rates shortened dramatically.

I knew Tachyon was Source Energy though didn’t connect it to manifesting until years later. All I knew was that it worked for illnesses of all kinds and to neutralise EMFs.

What I did notice though were significant changes in my own circumstances, an increase in health, wealth and happiness which I had ascribed to making more money from selling these incredible tools. Now I am certain that it was being in the vicinity of so much Tachyon Energy, in my office, bedroom, kitchen all day, that was maintaining my alignment with Source Energy and was the real reason.

If Tachyon Energy is channelling Source Energy to give the body a usable resource to heal itself then it follows that using Tachyon to connect to Source will unlock all that is being held in escrow by raising one’s Point of Attraction to align with that person that life has caused you to become.

The Law of Attraction works when you align with Source through meditation, by appreciating where you are now, and by reaching for better feeling thoughts, in essence maintaining the same vibration as Source. It is recommended to sit for 15 minutes meditation a day just focusing on your breathing as this is the best way to align with Source Energy if positive thoughts and appreciation cannot be maintained.

Using Tachyon aligns you instantly with Source and makes meditation easier by balancing both hemispheres of the brain and allowing all extraneous thoughts to just fall away making focus and concentration easier.

Using the power of Tachyon, Etherium Gold and Pure Gold, I have created a system which contains all the elements necessary to achieve focused meditation and maintain alignment at other times.

The Three Steps to Manifesting

1. Meditate daily for 15 minutes using the Tachyon Headband and Tachyon Energy Cell while listening to the LOA induction, this is your new story.

2. Take the Manifester Remedy 3 times a day to maintain the vibration reached during meditation.

3. Wear the Prosperity Pendant to attract that same level of wealth, in all its many forms, to you.

These are very definite and powerful steps to manifesting all you want by aligning your vibration and Point of Attraction to that which is already yours! It’s as simple as that.

The Tachyon Law of Attraction Manifesting Kit contains:

  • One Tachyon Headband
  • One Tachyon Energy Cell
  • One bottle Etherium Keys, Manifester
  • One Prosperity Pendant
  • One Law of Attraction Induction mp3

And the beauty of the kit is that you can use the Headband and Energy Cell at other times too. When you feel a headache starting on just slip on the Headband, or wrap it round a wrist that is aching from too much typing, or even lay it on the front of your body when relaxing to recharge your chakras. You can place the Energy Cell on your brow chakra at the same time as well. You can also secure the Energy Cell on your thymus to supercharge your immune system or on your hara, just below your navel, a traditional point for increasing energy flow throughout the whole system.

But I can’t visualise!

You don’t need to. My ready made Law of Attraction Induction will lead you through the process of attracting a brand new life.

I’ve never been able to meditate!

Don’t worry, with the Headband and Energy Cell you will be able to sit quietly, focus on the meditation and take time out from stress and circling thoughts.

What happens for the rest of the day? Won’t I slip back into my old ways of thinking once I am out of meditation?

By taking the Manifester Remedy throughout the day you will maintain your alignment and your Prosperity Pendant will further keep you balanced and on track to attracting wealth on all levels.

The Tachyon Law of Attraction Manifesting Kit will help to magically manifest your wildest dreams easily.

You will be amazed how opportunities start presenting themselves and how people start actually doing what you want them to do for you, with no coercion, simply speaking once your vibration is aligned with your true wishes things will just start falling into place.

Tachyon Law of Attraction Manifesting Kit

Buy my Tachyon Law of Attraction Manifesting Kit today and see how you can change your life profoundly in as little as 30 days.

Posted Dec 12, 2011   
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