Environmental Harmony with EFT

Environmental Energy covers the entire energy field of our immediate and not so immediate surroundings, be it living or working space. If you think of your house, your garden and your neighbourhood as a living functioning energy system with meridians and energy channels interacting between all aspects of the whole it is easy to see how important it is to maintain a balance and make sure that our habitats are healthy, much as we take care of our own living systems, our bodies. It is when the different elements of this energy field are distorted, possibly by underground streams or electrical power lines or sub stations, or are not working in harmony with their surroundings, in the case of unsuitably sited structures that problems can occur with health.

I have been working with Environmental Energy for over 15 years and have satisfactorily ‘made safe’ hundreds of houses where recurring illnesses were the norm until I was called in. This has nothing to do with placing fish somewhere auspicious in order to attract a mate or shutting the toilet lid to stop money problems, this is life saving stuff, people can die from living in bad surroundings and my job is to harmonise the environment and make it safe.

When I first go into a building, a house or flat to survey it I walk around, from room to room, seeing if there are any places that feel obviously ‘wrong’. This is before anyone tells me of any problems they are having.

I mentally take a note of any areas that feel a little colder than the ambient temperature or any places that give me a physical sensation such as a slight tingling, or even the hair standing up on the back of my neck! These often indicate stagnant energy or a vortex that may be sucking ‘good’ energy away.

Lines of geopathic stress running through properties can cause severe disruption and disturbances and are normally dealt with by neutralising the line or moving the bed or chair so the individual is not lying or sitting in it for long periods.

Very often I am called in because of a specific problem. A member of the family may be sleeping badly or not recovering from an illness or sometimes a family, or group of people, if it is an office, have not been getting on since moving in to new premises.

However, not so long ago I visited a house for a preliminary survey only and had planned to see what was needed and return as soon as my hectic schedule allowed.

The lady of the house was fairly distraught and disappointed I could not spend more time there. She said she had not been able to go in to one of her rooms for some time now because the energy was so bad and gave her a headache. When I walked in I could feel the oppressive atmosphere and was not surprised she was having problems.

So in an effort to give her some positive help to tide her over until I could get back I briefly ran through the EFT protocol in the hallway and got her to tap on

Even though that room gives me a headache…

We reduced her suds to zero before going into the room then when I asked her how she felt she said she could feel a slight tension in her head as if someone was pressing on both sides so she tapped on

Even though this room feels like it’s pressing on my head…..

until she reached zero, only two rounds, then she declared her headache was gone and she was beaming, and I have to say I detected an instant lightning of the energy of the room.

It was several days later I discovered that the lady had returned to that room after the loss of her day old baby and had stayed there while grieving.

Now I know that that was her particular energy field that had caused that confusion and disturbance but it was discernible to others.

What other distorted energy fields are left behind when people move out and could they be cleared the same way?

I was intrigued to find out and when another problem that could not be attributed to geopathic stress presented itself I tried EFT again.

This time it was a young man who had become almost an insomniac since moving in to his new flat, having had no history of sleep problems before. I could feel an uneasiness in the room but couldn’t detect any lines or any ‘physical’ reasons for disturbance such as power lines in close proximity so asked him to tap on

Even though I can’t get to sleep in this bedroom….

It took some doing, five rounds in all to get his suds to zero but he seemed quite happy to leave it at that and see what would happen that night. Again I felt a distinct change in energy in the room, like a gentle breeze momentarily flowing through it.

The next day he reported sleeping like a baby and a week later there were still no problems.

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