Healing Through Art – Symbol Paintings

Back in 2003 a friend and I started creating very particular types of paintings we called symbol paintings. We were deep into personal development and had just created an energy therapy that helped flow emotional blockages from the body and yet during a bad romantic breakup my friend started doodling on a notepad, creating swirls and loops which felt very therapeutic and helped the bad feelings to flow away when the line came back to the starting point and joined up. It was a seemingly random occurrence although at that time very little we did was random, our whole lives were our work. After creating the outline she then filled the small spaces with colour, guided by intuition. And the next day I had a go. We started deliberately asking for something, creating the set up, before we began drawing the line. Give me something to make me feel better. Give me something to resolve this situation. 

We experimented endlessly, moving onto canvasses and a marker pen and using little pots of paint from the Games Workshop. Choosing the colours to use for each section proved interesting and led to a useful discovery of what tapping into one’s intuition felt like. As I hovered my hand over the little pots of colour I felt a definite click in the pit of my stomach when I had reached the right one. From then on we called this The Click. 

My first painting was Memory and I still experience a flash of clarity whenever I look at it.


The paintings became like intense meditations. A chance to focus on a situation to achieve clarity though they became a lot more than that. They started to resolve deeply held beliefs and issues and the energy of the painting continued to have an effect long after it was finished. One of my first canvas paintings was What Has To Happen Next? It initially helped me get unstuck from a very sticky problem though later when it was finished I hung it over my desk and the energy from it helped my work flow so easily from then on. (Note to self: bring it back down and hang it close by again.)

What Has To Happen Next

Doing symbol paintings can be profoundly healing too. After my father died I was not dealing with the grief very well. There had been an awful humanist service at his cremation and I was inconsolable for months. So I did a painting. As I drew the line I felt the journey through our lives together unfolding on the canvas. And each colour a reminder of the tenderness and times we shared. When I painted the last little section a single teardrop mingled with the paint. It was finished. I sat back and a warmth spread through my heart of fond memories and love and since that time I have felt his presence within that painting. No grief. Just love. And a gratitude for having such a wonderful man as my father.


The whole idea was so exciting that while I was writing my book Life Without Panic Attacks I did a symbol painting called Panic Frequencies to tune into my potential audience and find the right words to say. It worked beautifully and the book was written in super quick time with very little editing required.

Panic Frequencies

Last year I manifested the perfect home by doing a symbol painting. I mixed Etherium Gold with the paint to help manifest my dream a little quicker and it worked so well we moved into a beautiful new home before the painting was even finished.

I also painted one for my mother when she was due to go into hospital for a new hip. Everything went smoothly with no complications and her recovery was swift. She still has the painting propped up next to her armchair to this day.

There are endless ways to use symbols paintings. 

  • Give me something to cheer me up
  • Give me something to manifest a new job
  • Give me something to heal this pain/illness/trauma/issue
  • Give me an idea for a new book
  • Give me something to help my anxiety

This painting called Zero Point boosted my Tachyon Energy business threefold within the month.

Zero Point

One side effect was the ability to decide any next step unequivocally. Once The Click had become evident I started using it in my compositions, my writing, even my shopping. I had found a direct pathway to my intuition which is still with me today. We loved our ideas so much we decided to share them in a workshop one weekend where we created paintings, music and sculptures and presented them as Art Solutions. We also held our first exhibition of all our paintings. It was glorious.

How To Do A Symbol Painting

If you’d like to try doing a symbol painting get a blank canvas and an assortment of different colours of acrylic paints. Decide what you want the painting to do for you. You could ask for an idea, or to solve a problem, or create one for a friend or family member. I would suggest using something fairly straightforward for your first one. This is not the time to address childhood issues, yet. With your intention in mind pick up the black marker and start drawing a line on the canvas, let your hand flow where it will, keeping the intention in mind. There is no right or wrong way to do this, that is the beauty of this process.

When it feels right to you, join the line up to the starting point, very often it will naturally be close. You now have an outline to fill in with colours. To choose the colour for each section simply ask, is this the colour? You will know what to choose. If you need to mix a colour you use the same process, does it need a little more yellow? more blue? a little white? Wait to feel The Click each time. Once you have filled in each section and painted the background, go back over the lines with the marker pen. And if you like you can varnish it with an acrylic matte varnish. And don’t forget to write the name of the painting and date on the back for future reference.

Symbols paintings are not only profoundly satisfying to create they are also powerful energy transmitters and will fill in the frequencies you may be missing in your life.

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