How to Achieve Vertical Chakras and Why You Need Them

What is Verticality?

Verticality is like coming home.

Remember the feeling you have during meditation and just afterwards? That state when you feel empowered, composed, insightful, inspired, at peace with yourself, your world, the world?

It is then your chakras are vertical, perfectly placed down your central channel, aligned and attuned to the Eternal Life Force Energy. Trees, plants, animals, new born babies all have a vertical energy system.

Your chakras aren’t supposed to be horizontal, projecting out of your body like shields or acting like vacuums and sucking in energy.

Your energy system is designed so that energy flows through you in a continuous flow, not broken up, some being drawn in through one chakra, some another. While your system remains horizontal, drawing in energy from all different angles you remain fragmented with too much emphasis on particular chakras. This is why some people are too much in their heads or their hearts or become obsessed with root chakra issues.

To understand this further you need to know that as energy descends from the Source it is stepped down at different stages, densifying as it comes closer to manifesting in the material realms. This process also applies to the energy you receive and needs to be processed by each chakra which acts like an interface to process this energy still further until it reaches your base chakra.

This cannot happen if your chakras are horizontal and are pulling energy directly into them.

Verticality not only describes the positioning of the chakras but also comes from the word vertex, meaning the highest point, which is also what you are striving to achieve, the highest and best you can be.

Many spiritual adepts, seekers of truth, attain this verticalisation but avoid contact with the outside world in order not to be thrown off balance, but for most of us, living in the real world, this is not possible so you need a way to maintain this alignment while continuing to live your life.

In my work I have always striven to assist people to reach their highest potential while remaining fully in life and often in quite difficult surroundings and circumstances.

The temptation is to think that withdrawing from the pollution and influences of our fast, disposable world with all its chaos will enable us to be who we want to be a whole lot easier.

The people I deal with on a daily basis have lives, jobs and families that can enhance and enrich their journey, making it even more satisfying, creating even bigger opportunities to learn about and, explore themselves in greater depth.

How To Maintain Vertical Chakras

For years I searched for the perfect answer, the perfect system to give me true balance, high energy, a clear mind, peace and contentment within myself, my immediate environment and the rest of the world.

In essence I wanted to bring back out into the world all I achieved during meditation.

I needed a way:

    • to hold my state once outside my sanctuary
    • that wouldn’t take years of practice
    • that would be simple and enjoyable
  • that I could easily pass on to others

All I needed to do was find a way to maintain the vertical chakra alignment that is achieved during the meditative state. I had heard that it takes a lifetime of meditation and spiritual cleansing to attain this but I was determined not to let that put me off!

I spent years researching, using Reiki, Tachyon Energy, Energy Therapies and Hypnosis and many, many more techniques and finally came upon the answer and put it all together, and created the Tachyon Chakra Alignment Kit which combines the use of Tachyon Energy, EmoTrance, Tachyon Star Stones and the power of Etherium Gold and assists in aligning and maintaining vertical chakras effortlessly.

At last, a way to achieve





And maintain those states back out in the ‘real world’.

If you desire any of the following:

FREEDOM from negative emotional states.

The POWER of certainty in all your life decisions.

PROTECTION from energy vampires and harmful influences around you, (no one can touch you when you are vertically aligned and permanently attuned to the Creative Life Force Energy!).

The BEAUTY of seeing your own PERFECTION for the first time in your life.

A 200% improvement in all your RELATIONSHIPS, and that includes your relationship with yourself.

then with my Tachyon Vertical Chakra Alignment Kit all this and more is possible and not just in the short term, for the rest of your life!

The Tachyon Vertical Chakra Alignment Kit

One Powerful Tachyon Energy Cell

Three Superb Original Meditations

    • Stage One – Prepares your energy system and gives you a taste of what is to come.
    • Stage Two – Removes blockages in your energy system that prevent the freeflow of energy and cause the chakras to flip back at the slightest disturbance.
  • Stage Three – Repatterns your energy matrix to allow your new vertical alignment to hold, come what may.

One Unique Tachyon Star Stone

One Etherium Gold Remedy – The Aligner

One Informative Tachyon Vertical Chakra Alignment ebook

Level: Advanced

“Excellent meditations! So soothing and empowering. And I love the Tachyon Star Stone, so beautiful with such gentle energy. Feeling so much stronger and closer to following my life’s purpose everyday. Thankyou!”
Felicity K, Reiki Master, Carlisle, UK

“Stage Two blew me away, how did you do that? Managed to clear an issue I’ve been in therapy for years wrestling with! Thank you Nichola from the bottom of my heart 🙂 ”
P Sorenstein, Ohio, USA


Verticalise your chakras with my revolutionary system now.
Tachyon Vertical Chakra Alignment Kit

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