Reiki Healing and Type 1 Diabetes

You never get over the shock of your child being diagnosed with a life threatening disease.

Ok, so type 1 diabetes may be considered manageable these days though without the medicine, you’re dead, in quite a short time.

Every day is a challenge to stay alive. It’s not like there’s a pill you take three times a day and that’s it. You need to regulate the doses of insulin meticulously to keep blood sugars within a healthy range. Too much insulin>hypoglycaemia>coma. Too little insulin> hyperglycaemia> coma.

So in 1994 when my daughter was diagnosed, at 10 years old, with diabetes mellitus, I first went straight into freefall. Quite apart from the hospital ward’s blood sugar testing machine being faulty and giving readings of 0 the first few days before anyone realised and the diabetes nurse sticking an insulin pen in her skinny thigh, letting go and saying “it can’t hurt once it’s in” when it obviously was, I was all at once numb, grieving and angry. As well as terrified about having to give her her first injection myself before we were allowed to leave the hospital (I had to take a valium to do that…).

And then when we finally got home and my sister said, you need Reiki, I laughed. How could something so nebulous help when she needed hard drugs just to stay alive. I thought she first meant Reiki would help Soph though what she really meant was that it would help me heal from the ordeal and the emotional and physical onslaught I had just been through.

So 6 months home, and only after Soph could inject herself, I signed up for a three day Reiki I course in Regent’s Park, London with the Australian Reiki Master Barbara McGregor. It was quite harrowing, being away from Soph and worrying how she was doing, along with lengthy days of training. However, I did it, and arrived back home much more centred, calm and feeling for once in a long time, in control of my life. There was hope at last.

Reiki not only helped me heal and to see the connection between the emotional and physical, but I also started seeing benefits to Soph too. There was less bruising on her injection sites after using Reiki for a few minutes after each shot, her sugar levels became more and more stable after each treatment I gave her.

Soph and Nicola - Spain 1995

In fact our lives improved so much, and so quickly that we decided that Soph being attuned was the next natural step. So we packed our suitcases and travelled to Spain, to stay with my parents and have my mother’s Reiki Master Marta attune Soph one to one. Soph blossomed after her attunement. It was really quite astonishing, a shy frightened 10 year old slowly becoming more confident and relaxed before my eyes. I woke most days with tears of gratitude.

And Marta and I formed a deep connection and after a dream that she attuned me to Reiki II she agreed to do so. It was truly an amazing experience, my whole being opened up to the potential and the possibilities of the Reiki Symbols as I practiced them daily sending distant healing to my sick brother in law and receiving positive feedback from my sister.

I’m not quite sure how things would have turned out had I not listened to my sister and not taken the Reiki training that fateful weekend in the winter of 1994. Several years later I met Laura Mason at an MBS event who went on to attune me to Reiki Master level and since then I have been attuning students and helping Reiki spread worldwide and for the last 10 years through my unique distant attunements. And amazingly I am now able to do this through my Reiki Healing app 🙂

Reiki is truly miraculous. To be able to channel Life Force Energy through one’s hands in order to heal still awes me daily. Every single day gratitude and love fill my heart. Thank you, Reiki. And thank you Dr. Usui for bringing such a powerful force for good to this world.

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Insulin Cycle Tracker and CarboManage, two apps I created for my daughter to help her manage her diabetes




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