Star Music – Constellation Compositions

Welcome to my Star Music, a collection of songs written over a two year period of intense communication and meditation on clear starry nights on the beach in front of my home.

The songs were not just inspired by the stars and constellations but are the sounds I heard as I tuned into and aligned with each of them. Multi-level messages with mystical information, beyond words or pictures, contained within the sound which can only be decoded by the energy system.

I believe these songs hold the answers to many ancient questions. Questions that are coded into our DNA that many spend a lifetime seeking the answers to.

We start with the powerful resonance of Sirius, always surprising, and move on through layers of subtle information, soothing and ethereal, often challenging, sometimes majestic but always with a lightness and sense of momentum, of evolution and change and finish back full circle with Sirius B, the twin star, to complete this epic journey.

I hope you will enjoy listening and working with these songs as much as I have done creating them.

My love is with you on your adventure to the stars.


Star Music is perfect for:

  • Exercising the Psychic Circuitry – improving sensitivity, awareness, intuition and clairvoyance as you receive, process and decode these high energies.

  • Advanced Energy Practice – drop shields and ask what the messages are, what the stories reveal and notice how you feel and what you now understand.

  • Energy Dancing – dance all the songs and watch your states shift as you move to align with the mystical patterns of secret information.

  • A New Way of Meditating – by paying attention and not emptying the mind as you focus on how you are feeling and how the music affects you, and not on the music itself.

Star Music improves State Flexibility and Psychic Circuitry Health

When we reach out and stretch for the information, the knowledge, the sacred geometry hidden within the songs we not only exercise our psychic circuitry but open up channels of communication with ourselves and the Universe.


“At the edge of human comprehension where the well of words has long run dry, when the pictures start to dissipate, there comes a time and space where we are left with sound.”









Sirius B

“Wonderfully stimulating. Immensely inspiring.” StarFields

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“The Star Music soundtracks are like mini classical masterpieces that resonate very deeply. They definitely have a timeless quality about them which isn’t surprising, considering that they were inspired by the Stars! They transform me at every listening. Thank you, Nicola, for this wonderful gift.” Mary Hirose

“I’ve found it extremely difficult to write a review for this album. There’s something so different about it, something so otherworldly and unusual that it’s hard to describe the effect it has on you using words. There are so many different and exotic flavours inside the music and so many movements that work on many different levels all of which have the effect of expanding your mind, stimulating new questions and bringing an awareness of new terrain into the field of your vision. For this reason it is a wonderful gift for project sanctuary players, bringing a new wealth of journeys and learnings to undertake.

However it is also wonderful for simple listening pleasure, especially during those moments when you are stressed and it feels like life is closing in all around you, just to relax and let yourself expand and quite literally reach out unto the stars is a wonderful and often much needed experience. And finally, for any musicians, it offers a whole new way of thinking about your art form and the creative possibilities you have at your finger tips. It really is both an exciting and a unique product for all to enjoy and learn from. “ Will Taylor, Musician, United Kingdom

“I experience Nicola’s music as a Godsend, better than my best ever meditation and without the work; more comprehensive and natural. It stops me in my tracks, slows my chattering mind quickly and very gently. And I’ve never enjoyed seeing so much, and I’m a painter. I was particularly struck by Orion – it made me literally see better! I had no idea how fascinating and colorful my bookshelf is before I listened to Orion. And her music is very alive and interesting. Writing is more fun and deeper now, and my jet lag is cured. Have been playing them all several times, over and over the last few weeks.” Nan Rathjen

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