The Top 3 Reasons EFT is Not Working For You

EFT is an amazing self help technique that not only eliminates negative emotions and helps fears and phobias it is also an excellent tool to use for personal development and to facilitate change. It is invaluable to clear blocks to growth and to help clear addictions of all kinds. EFT can also be very helpful in changing underlying beliefs that may be holding you back.

A lot of people dismiss the technique because it is so easy to use (see here the full EFT Protocol) while others just find it ineffective. If you are one of those that just cannot get it to work you need to read on and see if you are making any of these mistakes.

  1. Not creating an effective opening statement
  2. Not getting suds down to zero
  3. Not tapping the finger points

Read on to find out why.

1. Effective Opening Statements Require Pinpoint Accuracy

A very specific opening statement has the power to eliminate that negative emotion almost instantly in one round. It can be hard to find the exact words when stressed and it’s important to understand this in order to create effective statements. A client came to me wanting to increase her confidence after working on the issue for a while on her own. It wasn’t until we did a round of

Even though I am too stressed to create an opening statement

that she discovered that it was her mother that had undermined everything she ever said when she was younger, so she had systematically become uncertain of her own opinions. And with that she was able to create a brilliant statement

Even though my mother constantly undermined me

that immediately cleared that zzzt from her energy system and her SUDS immediately went down to zero.

Be meticulous. Tap for stress first or use the EFT Freedom Spells Protocol.

2. You Must Tap Each Statement Down to Zero

If there is anything left it has the potential to multiply. If you get your SUDS down to zero, then zero times one is still zero.

If there are any little stragglers hovering around 1 or 2 simply use the statement

I want to totally clear this now

If your SUDS are 3 or above you may need to create another more specific statement for the remainder of that issue.

3. Always Include the Finger Points

Increasingly the finger points are being routinely dropped from the protocol, possibly for speed, though tapping these points barely adds another 10 seconds to the full round.

I have had many profound insights and threshold shifts on my finger points, especially my index finger, without which I know I would not have got rid of my panic attacks.

The finger points cover crucial meridians and are ESSENTIAL to a full treatment and it saddens me that people are missing out now because they are not being routinely used any longer.

I have seen people moved to tears while tapping their fingers, aspects surfacing, old hurts, and more opening statements coming to mind to be cleared on subsequent rounds. I consider the finger points to be essential in resolving most relationship problems too, in conjunction with the collarbone point.

The UE point relieved the terrible feelings of panic in my stomach but it was the index finger (that covers the large intestine) that really helped the treatment hold.

Please don’t deprive yourself, or your clients, of the many wondrous releases and experiences that are possible with EFT by missing any of these points. It doesn’t take much longer to cover them and you will be amazed at the difference in outcome.

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