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Nicola QuinnWelcome to my little oasis of calm with some simple self help techniques to destress and relax.

Happy people are healthy people so sit back, relax, listen to some of my music and read how to bring more joy into your life.

Nicola Quinn

How To Make Crystal Grids - Free Guide

How To Make Crystal Grids - Free Guide

Crystals grids are easy to make, immensely satisfying and extremely powerful.

For many years I have created crystals grids for special occasions such as auspicious meditations, healing for individuals and groups, environmental grids for specific places such as Sarajevo and to attract wealth and abundance.

Posted Dec 21, 2012 3,550 Reads Learn More...

12-12-12 Healing Meditation

The magical day of 12/12/12 will soon be upon us. A time of transformation and great healing.

Please join me in my 12/12/12 Healing Meditation when I will be broadcasting powerful healing energy to all who ask.

Posted Dec 1, 2012 2,016 Reads Learn More...

Tachyon Law of Attraction Manifesting Kit

Tachyon Law of Attraction Manifesting Kit

Tachyon Energy is the Source Energy, the Energy That Creates Worlds, and you can harness this Energy to make the Law Of Attraction work in super-quick time to create an amazing reality,  a life full of health, wealth and happiness.

Tachyon Energy instantly aligns you with Source and when applied to the body raises your vibration and Point of Attraction so you can claim all that is already yours and be transformed into the person that your life has now caused you become.

Posted Dec 12, 2011 3,558 Reads Learn More...

Prosperity Pendant

Prosperity Pendant

A unique, discreet Energy Charm filled with pure gold, Etherium Gold and a pinch of magic. This magic Prosperity Pendant transmits the vibrations of wealth to the universe, affirming your desire and your readiness to receive the abundance of the Universe which is your birthright.

Posted Dec 12, 2011 8,193 Reads Learn More...

Etherium Gold: Remedies to Manifest, Purify and Awaken

Etherium Gold: Remedies to Manifest, Purify and Awaken

Etherium Gold is quite literally a gift from the gods, brought to earth from the stars on the backs of meteors eons ago and found only in the holiest most sacred places on the planet to lift our vibrational rate, transform our dna and align us with the patterns to both lift us higher and bring harmony and prosperity on all levels to our lives.

Posted Dec 12, 2011 6,889 Reads Learn More...

Vertical Chakra Kit

Vertical Chakra Kit

For years I searched for the perfect answer, the perfect system to give me true balance, high energy, a clear mind, peace and contentment within myself, my immediate environment and the rest of the world.

In essence I wanted to bring back out into the world all I achieved during meditation.

I needed a way:

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11/11/11 Healing Meditation

11/11/11 Healing Meditation

11:11 is the doorway to our inner self. And that doorway is going to open very wide on 11/11/11.

Are you ready?

Join me in a meditation to align with your inner, your higher self, to release all blocks and make peace with who you really are, a perfect soul.
Posted Oct 31, 2011 2,963 Reads Learn More...

Solstice Healing Meditation

Solstice Healing Meditation

To mark Summer Solstice and to celebrate the third year of Living Energy Day, which promotes energy healing awareness, I will be conducting a healing meditation at 18:16 BST on Tuesday 21st June 2011.


If you, or someone you know, needs healing please enter your name and email in the form below and I will include you on my Solstice Healing Meditation list.

Posted Jun 17, 2011 3,805 Reads Learn More...

How To Meditate: Beginners

How To Meditate: Beginners

Why Meditate?

Meditation is deeply relaxing and destresses the mind and body very quickly. Regular meditation can help reduce blood pressure, relieve chronic pain such as migraines, banish insomnia and have a beneficial effect on depression and anxiety. In fact any condition that benefits from reduced stress will be dramatically improved by meditation.

Posted Oct 19, 2010 6,420 Reads Learn More...

10-10-10 Healing Meditation

10-10-10 Healing Meditation

I will be conducting a very special Healing Meditation at 10:10 on 10/10/10 when the energies will be especially aligned for deep transformation.

Update: As so many people added their name to the list after my meditation I have scheduled another for 20/10/2010 so please add your name if you would like me to send healing then.

Posted Oct 8, 2010 7,937 Reads Learn More...

The Grape Cure Made Easy

The Grape Cure Made Easy

Read the simplified version of Johanna Brandt's remarkable Grape Cure that completely cured her of stomach cancer in the 1920s and enabled her to live another full 40 years.

Posted Jul 25, 2010 4,634 Reads Learn More...

Happy Birthday EmoTrance, Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday EmoTrance, Happy Birthday To You!

It's hard to believe that it's now 8 years since Silvia first said to me over the phone 'Where do you feel that in your body?'  and thus EmoTrance was born.

I feel so privileged to have co-created such a simple, elegant and natural way to alleviate emotional pain. It's another one of those things that is so obvious - Are you sure no one has thought of it before? (Answer - NO, it's unlike anything anyone has ever created).

Posted Jun 29, 2010 3,978 Reads Learn More...

Star Music - Messages From the Stars

Star Music - Messages From the Stars

I am very proud to report that my first album of Star Music is now available for instant download or to buy as a cd!

It was over two years ago that I had my first experience of hearing a tune while one night making a connection with Sirius. I have gone on to have many more intensely deep experiences and the music continues to flow with each encounter. There are many mysterious communications within each song and until very recently I was convinced they were solely for me.

Posted Mar 29, 2010 8,523 Reads Learn More...

Sunrise Meditation

Sunrise Meditation

I was up at 4am one day and it seemed like an eternity before the sun rose. I waited and waited and was rewarded by this awesome sight.

I felt a tingling of excitement at the potential of a new day and all it may bring me.

Posted Jan 10, 2010 4,861 Reads Learn More...

Panic Attacks: How To Make The Claire Weekes' Method Work Using EFT

Panic Attacks: How To Make The Claire Weekes

Over 20 years ago, while in the depths of panic attack despair, I read Claire Weekes' Self Help For Your Nerves.

All she said made perfect sense. She explained what the symptoms were I was experiencing, why they were there and then gave four simple instructions how to get rid of them forever.

Face - Accept - Float - Let time pass

Posted Dec 15, 2009 8,256 Reads Learn More...

Panic Attacks - 5 Common Mistakes Panic Attack Sufferers Make

Panic Attacks - 5 Common Mistakes Panic Attack Sufferers Make
I know what it's like, that feeling of panic as it sweeps over you in a flash from nowhere. The feeling that you have to run and hide though can't move because of the weakness. That you have to instantly go to the toilet yet can't bear the thought of using a tiny public lavatory (suppose I get locked in?) And the sheer terror of not knowing when any of this might happen again. It's exhausting, day after day after day. It took me 15 years to find a cure but you can stop panic attacks now if you can correct these 5 mistakes that you are currently making.
Posted Nov 25, 2009 4,534 Reads Learn More...

Reiki: A Very Valuable and Practical Energy Therapy

Reiki: A Very Valuable and Practical Energy Therapy
Reiki as an every day, run of the mill, energy therapy may sound strange, especially with all the secrecy and fluff surrounding the initiations BUT energy is energy and I believe Reiki is just one part of, a frequency of, the Source energy so there’s no reason not to bring it into the ever bugeoning fold of remarkably effective energy therapies.
Posted Nov 25, 2009 3,467 Reads Learn More...

Live EmoTrance Training Recordings Now Available!

Live EmoTrance Training Recordings Now Available!
EmoTrance is simply amazing, the easiest most effective energy healing technique on the planet today and I have had the privilege of co-developing this star of the therapy world with my good friend and colleague Dr. Silvia Hartmann.

With EmoTrance there is no more talking, needing to know what went wrong and when, all we need to know is WHERE IT HURTS and take it from there, swiftly and elegantly, to a state of Evenflow and on to joy and peace.

Posted Nov 25, 2009 3,421 Reads Learn More...

How To Lose Weight - Effortlessly!

I’ve never had much problem with my weight but since hitting the menopause it has been piling onto my middle in the classic menopause way.

On top of coming to terms with hot flushes, sleepless nights and mood swings the weight gain has proved to be the one aspect that has thrown me the most.

Posted Nov 25, 2009 3,105 Reads Learn More...

Panic Attacks: Natural Remedy 2 - Breathing

Calm on a cuban beach at dawn

I‘d been feeling on edge recently, very dizzy and unbalanced with increasing feelings of anxiety which didn’t appear to have any reasonable cause, nothing particularly stressful was happening but the smallest thing was startling me.

I was becoming more and more uncomfortable and as I am going through the menopause I first looked in that direction, the menopause and anxiety, to see if that would throw any light on what was going on.

Posted Nov 25, 2009 4,457 Reads Learn More...
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