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Free Downloads! – EFT Demo mp3, Bob Beck, Easy Grape Cure, MET Chakra and more…

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This is a neat little Protocol I created to reduce stress quickly and enable you to create EFT opening statements that are effective and reduce SUDs to zero in superquick time. It is also a lovely ritual to use first thing in the morning to start your day off with a light clear mind.

Bob Beck

Full instructions on how to make Bob Beck’s infamous blood electrifying machine which (theoretically) kills all known viruses. Also information about colloidal silver and how to make a simple device to create your own top quality silver colloid.

Easy Grape Cure

Read the simplified version of Johanna Brandt’s remarkable Grape Cure that completely cured her of stomach cancer in the 1920s and enabled her to live another full 40 years. This easy to follow programme is also excellent for detoxing, weight loss and increased energy.

MET Chakra Protocol

Here is a lovely little protocol I created during a period of great stress and which proved a real lifesaver to me at that time. It combines the use of Slow EFT and Tachyon and really helps to clear and balance the centres of the energy system thus allowing a free flow of energy which facilitates deeper healing.The Protocol can be used without Tachyon although using a Tachyon Energy Cell really helps to accelerate and deepen the whole process.

Tachyon Meditation MP3

A beautiful meditation to prepare your energy system for verticalisation, as the first part of the Tachyon Energy Chakra Alignment Series. The meditation can be used without Tachyon and is both relaxing and energising and enhances meditation.

EFT Protocol

The Complete Emotional Freedom Techniques Protocol with chart of tapping points and full instructions on how to use EFT to treat fears, phobias, negative emotions, allergies and a whole host of everyday annoyances!

EFT Demonstration MP3

Download this MP3 to listen, and follow along, to a full EFT session. A great way to get started with one of the most profoundly simple and effective energy therapy techniques available today. This session deals with destressing.