Homoeopathic Prevention of Chronic Disease in Utero

Hahnemann, the father of homoeopathy, was way ahead of his time, he was looking at pathogens causing chronic disease 150 years ago. Today we know that certain viruses cause particular types of cancer and the helicobactor pylori bacterium causes ulcers and now scientists are almost certain this is the same for Crohn’s disease.(Interestingly, it was believed that refrigeration slows all bacterial growth which seems not be the case and the rise in the incidence of the disease can be mapped in line with the introduction of domestic refrigeration.) So it does seem that many chronic diseases are caused by infection (and I would also add inflammation which, if this is the case, can be avoided by taking a weekly dose of an NSAID, ibuprofen or equivalent specific herbal concoction, particularly as a preventative for breast cancer, the breasts being especially vulnerable and prone to knocks and injuries).

When I was treating people using purely homoeopathics I knew the danger of treating skin problems, suppression being the main thing to avoid. Most people know of a child with eczema treated with skin steroids who later manifests asthma. So, following Hahnemann’s findings, it was essential to clear the underlying miasm first, which in the case of skin problems is usually psora.

At that time I was treating mainly babies and the high incidence of eczema was rather disturbing and led me to believe that it could not just be environmental, some were born with it, which must have originated from a miasm stemming from the mother. In those days, well over 20 years ago, I would treat the mother for her baby’s condition if the baby was under 3 months old and in 99% of cases this worked beautifully.

I then went on to prescribe remedies to treat the four different basic miasms while the mother was pregnant in order to give the baby the best possible chance from the very beginning.

A single dose of each remedy was given with a week in between in the 30th potency as early in the pregnancy as possible, ideally during the first three months.

First week – Sulphur
Second week – Tuberculinum Koch
Third week – Thuja
Fourth week – Syphilinum

It is important that the normal rules for taking homoeopathic remedies be strictly adhered to i.e. taken with a clean mouth not more than half an hour before or after eating and drinking and no coffee, even decaffeinated, or peppermint during the treatment period at all. The remedy is best taken last thing at night but no peppermint toothpaste should be used at all that day.

Although these remedies are particularly robust and are not easily affected it is still a good idea to stick to these principles, in any case coffee is best not used during pregnancy though peppermint tea can be very effective for upset stomachs and if necessary may be taken on the days the remedy is not taken.

The results were far better than I had expected and mothers reported not only an absence of skin problems but also better sleeping patterns, less restlessness and fussing and reduced problems with wind and croup than they had experienced with their baby’s siblings.

I have not been able to do a long term study on the effects of this treatment but still hear from some of the mothers and although many other factors must be taken into account, such as increased awareness of prevention, better nutrition and treatment for minor problems with homoeopathics, the evidence is that the children treated in utero are more robust and less prone to the usual childhood problems.

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