Intention Moves Energy – Fact!

In 2003 I had an interesting experience that proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that intention moves energy instantly and in quantum time. Not that I really needed any but it is always nice to have physical verification of something, as it was with the PIP scans at the Energy Conference the previous year. I was offered a treatment with a scenar machine from Tom Askew, a practitioner in Brighton, in exchange for playing with some Tachyon. With my love of machines and all things electronic I couldn’t resist.

Briefly, the skenar machine uses biofeedback by stimulating the nervous system. The device sends out a series of signals through the skin and measures the response. Each signal is only sent out when a change in response to the previous signal is recorded in the electrical properties of the skin. In essence the makers say that the body gets used to a pathological state and the scenar catalyses the process to produce regulatory peptides by stimulating nerves to re-establish the body’s natural physiological state by activating the healing process.

Anyway, there are various different stages in the treatment, the first is diagnostic and a number of readings were taken down my spine and noted. Then where the readings were high (and this is a very simplistic explanation of an actually quite complicated procedure) the machine then treats that area and the idea is to treat until the reading reaches zero.

On my neck I had a reading of 97 which is considered quite high. I was not surprised, and as Tom started treating me there I remembered a conversation I had had with a colleague the day before so said to Tom, “Don’t mind me, I need to talk out loud”, and I proceeded to say, “If there is something stuck in my neck that does not belong there but should be in my energy matrix please leave now and go where you should be”.

Instantly, from behind me I heard a “Whoa!” and when I asked what had happened Tom said that the moment I finished speaking the machine reached zero and that it had been in the eighties when I started speaking. He was amazed and said he had never seen that happen before, the numbers always go down in numeric order, and however quickly that may happen he had never seen it go straight to zero from any number let alone one so high!

Well, that clearly showed me that it was my intention that moved that misplaced energy and it did it the instant I asked.

We just have to remember to ask, it’s as simple as that. Too often get caught up in the time thing, ‘it’s been there so long how could it possibly be healed so quickly?’ I remember once being told that with healing you have to allow at least a month for every year the condition has been there, and that hindered my work for many years.

So how about trying this simple thing? Ask that whatever shouldn’t be in your body be returned to its rightful place, and see what happens!

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