The Healing Power of Pyramids

I’ve always been fascinated by sacred geometry, especially pyramids, so here is an article I posted many years ago as I feel a revival in the interest of pyramids, and their potent healing power, is well overdue.

For over 4000 years scientists, explorers and enthusiasts have been trying to solve the mystery though many theories have been developed. The shape of the pyramid is picture perfect and of pure mathematical perfection. But this very shape itself confounded researchers as it released hither to unknown forms of energy.

These energy forms have direct effect on both animate and inanimate objects. Antonio Bovis-a French man observed in 1930 that a dead cat found in the Kings chamber of the great Pyramid did not decompose. Grain that is thousands of years old have been found in tombs that remained preserved.

Recent experiments conducted on small prototypes of pyramids reveals that indeed there exists an unexplained phenomenon. Grapes kept in a pyramid for five weeks were dehydrated. Milk turned into yogurt inside the pyramids. Vegetables remained fresh for a long period of time. Plants grown inside the pyramid grew faster and had better health and were free of pests.

Personal experience of people also indicated the power. Individuals experienced better memory and higher energy levels under a pyramid. Documented results showed higher alpha wave amplitude on people meditating inside a pyramid. Pyramid therapy becomes relevant in the above backdrop.

What is this mathematical shape that caught the imagination of the Pharaohs?

“The word pyramid is made up of two parts – ‘pyra’ which means fire, and ‘mid’ which means in the middle. Pointed shapes with different bases are dynamic shapes and are supposed to be endowed with motivating and activating properties. According to researchers, the pyramid is the shape which resonates with cosmic energy, coming from the sun and outer space, to the earth.”

How can we make a small pyramid to use in our daily lives to harness its positive energy?

Copper is the first choice to make a small permanent pyramid as it has very good conductive properties. It also does not warp or bend easily. For a temporary pyramid white is the ideal color. Art paper, acrylic or white plastic are all okay. Among natural materials light colored wood like deodar or silver wood may be used. Plywood may not be used as its layers are glued with chemicals. Enhance the power of this little pyramid by covering the apex with copper, gold or silver in the same way that you find in temples, churches and mosques.

Meditation Properties of Pyramids

Each side of the pyramid represents the five elements and Earth, Air, Fire and Water is of meditation importance. Before you try out the meditation technique, you need to know some of the properties associated with different sides of the pyramid.

  • The north face of the pyramid is associated with the earth element and relates to material gain. A gold square should be stuck to this face. It need not be gold. Only the golden color and the square shape are important. This side is used for material gain.
  • The eastern face is associated with the element of air relates love and peace of mind. A blue circle is stuck on this face. Use this side to flow in love into your life.
  • The southern face is associated with fire, relates to protection and a red triangle is stuck on this face. This will be the side used to activate protection and security in your life.
  • The western face is associated with water, relates to health and strength and a silver crescent is stuck to this side. This side pertains to the health aspect of your life.

Once you are clear about the meditation properties of the 4 sides of the pyramid then you can begin your meditation.

How to Meditate with a Pyramid

Know and be clear in your mind what you are going to meditate upon. Is it material gain, love, protection or health?

Once you are clear, sit comfortably facing the side represented and concentrate on the color symbol. After 2 minutes slowly close your eyes and direct your thoughts towards your goal with an easy concentration. You will begin to calm down in about 2 minutes. Now slowly open the eyes and gaze at the color symbol for about 30 seconds. End the session. You can also meditate by sitting under the pyramid if it is large enough.

Another effective way is write down your dreams, goals and wishes and place them under the pyramid before meditating. Remember that whatever you place under the pyramid while meditating should not exceed 1/5th of the total volume of the pyramid.

Different Daily uses of a Pyramid

It can cure insomnia if kept under the bed. Keep your pyramid under the bed if you find sleep hard to come by. Do this for a few days.
Hanging a pyramid over an infant’s cradle will have a calming effect on the baby.
Water kept under a pyramid acquires medicinal value and can be used for drinking, cooking etc. Do this for a few days and feel the positive energy flowing through your system.
Placing a pyramid under the study table of young children increases their memory and concentration.
Food and beverages kept under a pyramid acquire added flavor, more revitalizing factors and is preserved longer.

In fact, pyramids work on all the seven factors of a human-Physical, astral, etheric, lower mind, higher mind, soul and spirit. It is up to us to research further. Ancient Egyptians have found the bio-energy mechanisms but can we the so called ‘Internet Age’ humans really understand a 4000 year old lingering mystery…the pyramids?

Make Your Own Meditation Pyramid

I’ve created the net of the pyramid for you. Simply right click, download and print the image below onto light card. Make sure the image fits the whole sheet of card, you may need to adjust your settings for this. Cut out the entire shape and gently score the lines then carefully stick the tabs in place to form the pyramid.  Make sure the side with the gold square is facing north (see meditation properties of pyramids, above).


Happy Meditating!





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