Tachyon Star Stones

These multi coloured, multi faceted jewels are portals for the creative energy of the universe, for Tachyon Energy, the Source Energy, that attune to your life’s purpose. A personal treasure to cherish and know that you are being supported in your growth, allowing your energy to expand and embrace all of Creation, letting the patterns become a part of you in your search for truth and serenity.

Keeping a Star Stone in your energy field gives you a perpetual source of Tachyon Energy that will transform your being into light, perfection, giving you the potential to be all you can be and for the seed the Creator planted in you to become reality.

The Star Stones were created to nourish the entire energy system supporting the emotional body, reaching out to all the subtle bodies and deepening spiritual experience.

Select your size, medium 20-25cm, large 30-35cm, and I will dowse and align one specially for you.

“I want you to know the Star Stone works very well for me. Have done as instructed to keep tachyon on person for 1 week. The first time I wore this for my evening meditation my inner landscape was visited by a colorful and large construction sort of diamond shape figure. Very impressive as all the panels were of a different color it seemed. This was after a sensation of vertical lift that went on for some 2 minutes or so. The words hardly convey that experience and since then I have noticed a more positive outlook day to day. I’m so grateful this is available. Thank you very much.”

Dave Olson, New Hampshire USA


Tachyon Star Stones

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