Sunrise – Music To Lift Depression


In the still
you hear the echo
of past laughter,
the swell of
happy memories
lifts you as you
swoop through
valleys of tears
and rise
with new hope
to glimpse
the sun rise.

Awaken to the day with Music to Lift Depression and feel energized and positive. The potential for a beautiful day that each sunrise brings will inspire you to break free of depression and lift your spirits as you rise with the sun a happier, more positive person. Written and composed by Nicola Quinn inspired by the fresh miracles that each dawn brings.


There’s happy music. There’s sad music. Then there’s energy music.

Sunrise energy to lift the spirits and break free of depression:

1. Still

2. Echo

3. Swell

4. Swoop

5. Rise

6. Hope

7. Sunrise


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